Delt Recommits His Life to Jesus!

photo-2Alex Contreras is a brother in Delta Tau Delta who came to Greek Conference. Similar to Angie and Kelly, Alex attended Greek Conference and went through the connect track. Through the connect track, he realized that he had been trying to fill his life with things that weren’t Jesus. He said that he felt like there was something missing and whenever he realized this, it made him feel lonely. He felt that God was calling him to come back and experience the joy and love of God! Alex wrote out his own testimony. Check it out below:

Growing up in a catholic background, I didn’t know much. I just knew that I had to go to church according to my parents. I was fine with it, but I didn’t really get the idea of what is to truly follow Jesus and I lost connection throughout my third year in high school.

The loss of connectivity made me feel like something was missing. I felt good at school, had my friends, grades, but when I would sit alone thinking about what to do, I couldn’t help but notice that I still needed something. I felt like like was missing.

I found that missing feeling at Greek con. I needed to follow Jesus again.

At first I didn’t really know what Greek conference was until my big bro Brandon introduced me to Greek IV and I had the opportunity to actually get a spot to go. I was given the opportunity for a reason and I felt inside that I should go and experience what Jesus has in store for me. As I was thinking about going, I felt I had to because something told me that I SHOULD go. And I’m glad that I did.

When I got to Greek Con I didn’t know what to expect other than being enrolled in the connect session. To my surprise when we all shared our stories, I was not the only one with the question, why does God do the things He that he does? We have faith, but what do we need to know to know that he’s really there for us? And many questions that pertain to what I was experiencing. I have faith but I felt like I lost that connection with him.

In the process of my session, we had some actvities that ranged from what I mentioned before. We spent time talking within each other and how we felt where we stand so far with Jesus. But what hit me the most was the stations they had for confessions, identity, fear and forgiveness. Especially forgiveness. As I talked about my feelings towards my past, how it has affected me for better and worse I felt I found a better foundation in myself and what Jesus had in store for me.  I felt connected, happy, relieved and did not have that empty feeling inside that I did before. It impacted me to the fullest and I know now that I need to follow Jesus, because its what’s in store for me and I have so much fun in the process. Now I’m happier than ever!

This was a huge step in my life to follow Jesus. So my next steps are now to take everything step by step, follow the signs Jesus has in store for me, if it means stepping out of my comfort zone, so be it.

Greek conference changed my life for the better and I’m very happy in the decisions I have made so far. I couldn’t ask nothing more exciting than to follow our creator. Jesus you’re the best!

I met with Alex last week to talk about the decision that he made. How awesome is it that we’ve seen 3 students recommit their lives to Jesus and have indicated their desire to learn how to become disciples of Jesus. Please be praying for Alex, Kelly and Angie as they have made huge commitments for Jesus this year!