Two ADPi’s Recommit Their Lives to Jesus!


photoLast week I had the chance to meet with two ADPis. Angie (left) and Kelly (right) are both freshmen in Alpha Delta Pi and were both able to fly out to Indianapolis for our annual Greek Conference.

Every year at Greek Conference the main speaker will ask students make different types of commitments: to accept Jesus for the first time, recommit their lives to Jesus and/or commit to becoming a world changer in the name of Jesus.

I received all of the commitment cards from UCLA and saw that Angie and Kelly marked, “I want to recommit my life to Jesus.”

Angie grew up in Texas where she grew up with a catholic background. She considers her family catholic more by culture and went through all of the motions of being a catholic. She went through confirmation before entering high school but she never fully understood what the confirmation meant and still had a ton of questions. She told me that she had spent her high school with skepticism about who God is, didn’t fully believe in Him and never wanted to tell other people that she may have believed in Jesus.

Angie went through the ‘Connect’ Concentration at Greek Conference which was designed to help students reconnect with God on a deeper level. During the main talk, Angie made the decision to recommit her life to Jesus!

She came back saying,

“I’ve had questions and doubts about Jesus my whole life but now I know that He is real and I’m not afraid to tell anyone anymore.”

She said that she has no more questions and wants Jesus to be her #1 from now and is super excited about calling herself a follower!

Kelly grew up with a Christian background and used to have a very strong relationship with him when she was in middle school. When she came to high school, she felt that she had turned away from God and didn’t have a very strong relationship with him. She is naturally a very busy person and felt that she was not able to make time for God. When she first started at UCLA, this business increased and God became less of a priority.

Kelly came to check out Greek IV earlier in the Fall Quarter and started to re-engage with God again. She has a lot of head knowledge about who God is and knew the right words to say but felt that she had not been experiencing Him. After going through the Connect Track, things started to click and she said,

“All of the knowledge that I had in my head about God went down straight into my heart!”
“For the first time in long, long time, I’m experience a relationship with God again!”

She told me that she experienced God’s love at Greek Conference and after, wants to come back into a relationship with Him and keep it that way.

One more funny story about Kelly is that she came late to our first meeting because she was getting her iPhone 5s fixed by someone on campus. This was the second time she was going to get her phone fixed. The second repairman notified her that the first person who ‘fixed’ her phone stole a ton of important parts from the inside and she not has to buy all the parts again (almost the same price as the phone).

When she met me on campus she mentioned that normally these things frustrated her and would completely hijack her day. Since Greek Conference, she said that the Holy Spirit had been filling her up with so much joy that it doesn’t even bother her and feels that Jesus is with her.

She’s fired up and wants to do whatever she can to stay in relationship with Jesus.

Both Angie and Kelly are now meeting with me weekly together to go through a workbook called Discipleship Essentials to start this remarkable journey with Jesus.

Praise the Lord for Greek students to have an opportunity to make decisions like these in college that will change the trajectory of their lives forever! Pray for Angie and Kelly for their spiritual growth and protection.



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