Hearing and Responding to God’s Voice… It Works!

2012-07-12 14.31.06Before the new quarter started, I went on a prayer walk with my supervisor, Beau. After being gone during winter break, we wanted to engage with the campus and ask the Lord for breakthroughs in the Fraternities. Almost 3 weeks later, we got to see the fruit of this prayer walk as we listened to God’s voice.

Here’s what happened during the prayer walk:

The week before the winter quarter starts, the campus is dead. Most people are still relaxing at home over the winter holiday, while a small amount of students stay around for work or school. Beau and I began to make our rounds to each Fraternity. We would go to a Fraternity, pray and listen for if God had a specific word for the house.

After praying for about 6 houses, we arrived at Theta Xi, the house you see in the image you see above. The second we squared our shoulders to the house, I felt this huge impression from the Lord that the soil in Theta Xi is very soft. While we were praying for them, I felt my heart leaping with excitement; I couldn’t really explain it. The Lord spoke to me several things and one of them was this:

Something is going to happen in Theta Xi this quarter.”

As we were about done praying, I heard the Lord speak to me, “Knock on the door,” One of my least favorite things to do…

I had made a commitment to God that if he gave me a command, I would take the risk and do it, even if I was not absolutely sure it was him. I looked at Beau, told him what I heard and the next thing I know we’re going up the steps and knocking on the door.

After one round of knocking, there was no response. I felt my nervousness build up. I was tempted to walk away and say, “Guess no ones home… Oh well!” but I wouldn’t have felt like I was giving it an honest shot. I gave a second round of knocking and made sure it was loud enough to get someone’s attention from the upstairs. After 10 seconds, there was no response. We turned our backs, started walking away and I began to say, “Well, Lord, we gave it a…” and before I could finish the sentence, a Brother in the house popped his head out and asked us what was up.

I was so excited! Beau and I went back and we had a conversation with this guy. We got to know him and him all about Greek InterVarsity. I asked him if he would be interested or if he knew of anyone that would be interested. He told me that there was a guy that is leading a study in the house. I asked him if he could connect me with him and he said he would pass along my information.

Unfortunately, I had a feeling that, that wouldn’t happen (which it didn’t) but I left that conversation with two things:

1) The knowledge that there is someone in that house who is passionate about reaching his Brothers

2) That the Lord gave me a solid word that something was going to happen in that house.

That same week, I shared this story with my core team as we continued to talk about how important it is to hear God’s voice and respond faithfully. When I shared this story, one of my core students told me that she knew the guy that leads the bible study in their house!

I was astonished and my faith increased. I asked her to connect me with him.

She sent a Facebook message to this member in Theta Xi and he sent me a text message that communicated his eagerness to get together.

After a week of trying to coordinate our schedules, I was finally able to have a meeting with this Theta Xi Brother. This happened today!

I found out that he does not have a lot of support with his bible study but wants to create a space just for Theta Xi’s to get into the Word.

I shared the vision of Greek IV and our desire to start up witnessing communities in every Fraternity and Sorority. He was excited about this since he was already executing our strategy on his own. He also told me that he doesn’t have a lot of support with his ministry and was looking for someone to help him process how to lead a study for his Brothers and for someone to pray with.

After the conversation, this Brother in Theta Xi decided to join our house ministry team! Not only that, he is bringing along a Freshman who wants to continue the bible study in Theta Xi for the long haul since he is a graduating senior.

What a huge blessing! It’s so amazing to hear a Word from the Lord come to life! Praise the Lord for orchestrating such a great interaction with such a mission-minded Greek student!

Please be praying for us as we will be taking on another house ministry at UCLA! This brings us to a total of 6 house bible studies!