Greek Getaway 2013

1420367_10100942247934627_1496701113_nLast weekend we had our first Los Angeles Greek IV Leadership retreat ever! This is a huge moment for Greek IV LA. Can you believe that one year ago there was literally no Greek IV Leadership on campus?

We took 12 UCLA Greek Leaders to retreat from campus for a weekend as a generous donor opened up his home in orange county for us to have our retreat. The purpose of the retreat was to help students learn how to hear God’s voice and dive deeper into what it means to be a Greek Christian Leader on Campus.

Competitions, Training, Fun – check out this animoto for some quick highlights!

Greek Getaway

Greek Getaway 2013!


Nico’s Growth in Greek IV

Nico is a leader in Delt and the first student I met on campus when doing my own outreach. He has been so faithful and integral in starting Greek IV. This is Nico’s reflection on how Greek IV has influenced him over the past year.


Sharing my faith among my fraternity brothers isn’t something I do by bringing up faith and Jesus in every conversation. I know people like that, but for me, that’s not my style. I was never really exposed to evangelism and proclaiming my faith to people while growing up. I come from a Catholic family and most people I knew were Catholic like me.

But coming to college and getting involved with Greek InterVarsity has helped me see how to be a light for Jesus in a respectable way inside the fraternity. I have grown a lot in being a witness this last year.

I am known in the house as a Christian; people know that I read the Bible, that I pray every night, that I go to church. I even have a rosary that was a gift from a friend hanging in clear sight above my desk. Being president of my chapter, it’s easier for me to make my faith known because I have a spotlight on me. That is a double-edged sword, because it’s also easier to see when I mess up and act human, which, last time I checked, I was.

Even though I am not the most verbal guy in my witness, I do make space for people to explore Jesus inside the fraternity. As the President I have started a Bible Study for my brothers that I lead. I am just learning how to do this, but it is important that I make space for people whom are intimidated by church to talk about faith right in the house. I still get really nervous when it is time for me to be vocal about my faith, and some times I shy away, but God is growing me as his witness.

I share my faith with my fraternity brothers because being a Catholic- Christian is a major part of my life – it has defined me. I’m known in the house as such, and I take pride in my Catholic upbringing, so why not tell people about it? Why not show them the best parts of me and proclaim something – Jesus- that has saved my life and made me successful to where I am now?

ADPi Recommits Her Life to Jesus!

UntitledCassi is an ADPi and is also one of our house ministry leaders. Last Wednesday, Cassi led a bible with another one of our student leaders, Ben, on The Bleeding Woman in Mark 5:21-43.  Cassi was born and raised going to church and she classified herself as a Christian upon coming to college. What’s beautiful about Cassi’s story is seeing how even someone raised with a Christian background can have moments where they realize they have deep struggles and/or they listen/believe lies about themselves that prevent them from fully living into the freedom God gives us.

We had a chance to debrief how the leading went for the Greek IV bible study and the Holy Spirit was totally moving in her heart. As we were talking about ways we can improve our leading, God began to reveal insecurities and burdens that were bothering Cassi. She began to cry as she was sharing how she’s felt the need to be perfect, to meet everyone’s expectation and how she feels like a failure if she couldn’t appease either of those. This is also the same she viewed Jesus. She confessed that she had not been surrendering her life completely because she didn’t want to fail Him. She felt like she had a reputation/identity that she didn’t like with her friends from home and even from some of her sorority sisters. She’s been following Jesus from afar but always felt like she didn’t deserve his love. She said,

“I am the bleeding woman in this story, only I don’t know if I have enough faith to touch his cloak.”

After an hour long conversation, we realized that there were barriers that prevented her from wanting to pray and make that adult decision/commitment to follow Jesus.

I invited her to have a deeper, healing experience with the Lord. We did listening prayer and I asked her to share all of the places where she feels shame, guilt and pain. I asked her to share the barriers that prevented her from wanting to touch Jesus’ cloak. Cassi confessed to the Lord what had been burdening her – scars from her upbringing, academic struggles, problems with friends, not feeling worthy enough – she laid it all out to the Lord and told God how it made her feel about herself.

I asked her to listen for Jesus to tell her how he feels about those things and how he feels about her.

In the silence she heard Lord say to her, “Cassi, I love you. I accept you!”

After this moment, Cassi cried harder after experiencing God’s love! She had lots of emotions going on at that point, but she was definitely excited and the Lord gave her a new understanding of her identity in Christ. At that moment she wanted to pray to solidify an adult decision to follow Jesus with this newfound understanding of grace!

Praise the Lord! It’s so wonderful to see the way our leaders are growing in their own faith as they are teaching and no matter where we are in our spiritual journeys, the Lord continues to bring deeper healing! You can read her testimony in the Student Highlights section of my blog.