House Ministries Beginning to Pop Up!


Vision of Greek InterVarsity: Reach the Joe and Jane Greeks

The Strategy: Establish Witnessing Communities in every Fraternity and Sorority. 

There are many people who would never step foot in a church or in a Christian organization on campus, especially Greeks. How do we reach those that fall into this category? How do we reach the Greeks who walk by the Christian groups on campus and roll their eyes and instantly think back to ‘that one bad experience’ they had while turning their ears off?

Yes, our weekly Greek InterVarsity gathering is a powerful place for students to explore and encounter God, but there are plenty of Greeks that won’t even come to a place to explore God, even if it is designed specifically for Greeks. How do we reach those Greeks in particular?

One of the ways we believe and have seen Joe and Jane Greeks come to know the Lord is through the faithfulness, boldness and leadership of Brothers and Sisters who want to lead a faith discussion or bible study in the comfort of their own Fraternity/Sorority house. We call these witnessing communities.

Witness communities are so powerful because they rely on the life, trust and bond developed between Brothers and Sisters. As I said before, there are many Greeks that will not listen to that random Christian on campus or even that other Christian group out of the other one hundred groups. But what happens when a Fraternity/Sorority member who lives in the proximity of another, who goes to the same parties and went through the same initiation process chooses to live a totally different way? What if a Brother pledges to uphold the same values, goes through the same ritual, wears the same letters and has a same network of friends but instead of being an on the surface partier, they are a Brother that intentionally invests in meaningful relationships which care and serve their Brothers. What if this Sister also chose to be a leader in the house to become a spiritual influence?

There is a specific bond that develops and doesn’t compare to friendships shared with people outside their Greek letters.

The reason witnessing communities are so important is because they are led by student leaders who have these types of bonds with people in their houses. These leaders may be the only people that have enough trust, understanding and credibility to talk about Jesus and actually be listened to.

Ben testimony

They aren’t the random Christian on campus, they are the Sister that lives right next to them. These leaders are connected to the Joe and Jane Greeks and if they have a bible study in the comfort of their own house, around people that represent the same letters, then MAYBE the Joe and Jane Greeks in the house will actually be willing to get up from their room, walk down the hallway and engage in a spiritual conversation with someone they know and trust.

This is what gets me excited when I think about Greek InterVarsity. This vision is what makes me wake up in the morning and charge onto the UCLA campus praying that the lives of the Joe and Jane Greeks will be transformed.

Witnessing Communities that have started at UCLA

After one year of planting, we have prayed fervently that the Lord would bring begin these witnessing communities. This year, 4 students have committed leading a house ministry leader in their Fraternity/Sorority.

Jackie is a sorority girl in Tri Delta who is now leading a bible study every week. Eight of her sisters are coming and participating in conversations of faith at her sorority house.

Cassi is a sorority girl in ADPi. She also has eight of her sisters coming out every week to study scripture and talk about faith.

Ben is a fraternity guy in Beta Theta Pi who is leading a bible study once a week at his house. He has yet to have someone come to his bible studies and he spends the hour every week praying for his house and for the Holy Spirit to begin stirring the hearts of his Brothers. How powerful to have an intercessor in the heart of a spiritually dry place!

Evan, Nico and Brandon are all Brothers in Delta Tau Delta (Delt). When they passed out a sign up sheet to see who would be interested in participating in the bible study, 15 of their Brothers signed up. Eight of their Brothers have shown up to both of their bible studies and they are looking forward to having even more Brothers jump in these conversations.


20/31 Greeks that participate in these bible studies come to our large Greek IV every week. This means that through the witnessing communities, we’re reaching another 11 Greeks that may never have been willing to participate in a Christian gathering.

Praise the Lord! I get so excited to see the way that God is increasing the faith of these house ministry leaders while also sparking the spiritual curiosity of their Brothers.

We are starting to see the vision of Greek IV come to fruition at UCLA. Pray as we continue to press deeper into each of the houses and create the spaces in their homes to become witnessing communities.

Please pray for all of our house leaders that they would continue to see their Brothers and Sisters reached and see conversions happen in their houses!


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