Greek Conversion!

4 weeks ago, one of my students introduced me to one of his Fraternity Brothers. He knew lots about God, lots about the Holy Spirit but not a lot about Jesus.

He was open to meeting with me and upon our first meeting he said, “I normally turn down these meetings, but I felt like this one could be positive.”

This guy knew scripture and knew theology. He talked to me a lot about different doctrines and about his life and how God had rescued him from many things. He knew that he believed in God, wasn’t 100% sure about Jesus.

We met up for 3 weeks and after the first meeting we decided that the rest of our time together will be to talk about Jesus. Who is Jesus, why is He important?

The second time we got together, I shared the Gospel with him and articulated how much Jesus loved Him.

For a long time, he has felt like God was the strict, disciplinary, rigid, unemotional God. He had heard people say this statement to him many times before, but for some reason, God pierced his heart and he cried. He said that the feeling was overwhelming and he didn’t really know what to do with it. He didn’t feel fully ready to take a full commitment to follow Jesus and I told him to continue reading about Jesus and we’ll chat again.

We met today. We read through John 5 The Healing at the Pool and talked about how some people make excuses as to why they don’t want to be healed and also how some people place their hopes in things that aren’t Jesus even when Jesus is right in front of them.

I asked him, “Do you want to be healed?” He said yes.

“What is holding you back?”

I don’t know what’s holding me back.

“Let’s ask God.”

I lead him in listening prayer and he asked God what is holding him back. He got two images:

1) An image of him holding onto a rock with the waves crashing on him but he didn’t want to let go.

2) An image that he was holding onto gold and silver in each fist as tight as he could and he couldn’t let go. This is symbolic from a family story. The gold and silver needed to touch the rain and if he held on, they would never touch the rain.

I got an image for him that he was chopping boards like you would in karate. He was focused and would not detract from the task at hand. Someone came in and grabbed one of the boards and in desperation he chased after it and he NEEDED the board.

We debriefed what God could be speaking to Him and he wasn’t really sure what it all meant. I asked him to pray about what would happen you let go. He asked God to speak to him about what would happen if he let go in these images:

1) In the first image, he saw that when he let go of the rock, he was in tattered clothes like in cast away. Once he let go of the rock, he saw a boat floating in the water that was close to him and then he saw Jesus walking on the water.

2) In the second image, he released the gold and the silver and immediately heard thunder, which was indicative of the rain that was to come.

I got an image that he was holding onto the gold and silver so tightly that it made his hands bleed. The second he let go, the gold and the silver was floating in front of him and the wounds that he had in his palms immediately began to heal.

Once we prayed these two images, I interpreted for him that God wants to rescue him, heal him from his pain and any anger he has. He agreed and said that’s what he needed for him to be able to follow Jesus.

We prayed for him to accept Jesus into his heart. Once we finished praying, I asked him how he felt and he said that a HUGE weight was lifted off of his shoulders and he felt very light.

Ahh… Praise God. Although he is unnamed for now, please be praying for him that he would continue to grow in his spiritual journey and that God would protect him.



Imagine gathering a group of people together to come to a conference where they are there specifically to have their questions answered about Jesus. Imagine coming to a conference where the amount of non-Christian is no more than the amount of Christians. This past weekend, we had a conference called Can.This.Wait. Can making a decision to follow Jesus wait? The framework of the conference had 4 speakers:

Who is Jesus?
What does it mean to follow Jesus?
Why should I care about following Jesus?
What are the next steps to continue my spiritual journey?

We had a band come to help us connect through secular music as well as transitioning into worship music.

The last night of the conference, one of the staff named Sam, gave a talk on accepting the invitation to The Great Banquet.

10 First Time Decision to follow Jesus
5 Adult Decisions to follow Jesus
10 Still Processing what it means to follow Jesus
2 Recommitments to Jesus
Check out the video leading to the response!
I was asked to MC the conference and give the 4th talk on how to continue your spiritual journey and it was a blast! We had about 35 non-Christians come and 17 of them made decisions to follow Jesus and another 10 are in a place of openness to God. Unbelievable!

LAUP – Homeboy Industries

Last week I attended a conference called STIM (Students Training In Mission). At this conference, students who are participating in one of InterVarsity’s Urban or Overseas Mission Projects come to receive training on cross cultural communication and ministry through an intensive, interactive weekend.

Meet my team:


My role for LAUP will be an ASC (Area Site Coordinator). This means that I will be leading a a team by helping interpret the experiences we’re having together, highlight the spiritual development of the people on the team, leading and facilitating bible discussions and finding opportunities to deepen the way we serve in our project.

What is the project? Homeboy Industries. Check out this video.


Homeboy industries serves people who are getting out of gangs and providing them with resume training and educational development to help them find jobs.

Natalia and I will be living in a house with the director of LAUP and our team who will be serving at Homeboy Industries.

Be praying for us as we prepare for this 6 week project and cut ourselves off from electronic communication!