Greeks Seek Healing

We had our last Greek InterVarsity of the Winter Quarter and God has been doing some amazing things.

We started our God, Sex and Dating series 3 weeks ago immediately after coming back from Greek Conference. These bible studies have been able to challenge people to see the way that God has designed sex and our hope is that people will start asking themselves the question, “What would it look like if I allowed God to help me make decisions about my sex life?”

Our last Greek IV, we covered the topic, “Is there healing for sexual hurts? Is there healing from sexual regrets/mistakes?”

We talked about the prostitute who laid down a years worth of wages of perfume at Jesus’ feet, weeping and wiping Jesus’ feet with her hair and tears. Jesus told a parable to one of the Pharisees, Simon, about how those who have greater debt and are forgiven are more grateful for the grace they are receiving. (Luke 7:36-50)

Jesus’ grace know no bounds and He is willing to extend and pour out this grace on all people. We acknowledge that there are many people who have experienced sexual hurts externally, through uncontrollable evil that happened to them. There are also those who have made decisions that they are ashamed of regardless of what caused them to make the decision.

For many of us, these decisions push us into a places of shame, guilt and embarrassment. But if we are hearing from the voice of God and examining Jesus’ character, these are the exact places where he wants us to experience His grace. This may be very surprising for some to hear.

We had 13 students come to our last Greek IV. At the end of the study, I opened up a time of prayer. Everyone bowed their heads and closed their eyes. I asked them to respond to what they are hearing God speak to them through the scripture. If they had places where they wanted to allow Jesus to come in and begin a healing process with past sexual mistakes/regrets and hurts, I asked them to take a risk and anonymously raise their hand.

Praise the Lord, more than half of the room raised their hand!

7 months ago, Greek InterVarsity did not exist at UCLA.

By the end of the winter quarter, Greek IV is reaching 6 Sororities and 2 Fraternities and we are seeing people seek Jesus for past sexual hurts!

This is huge affirmation of why I responded to God’s calling to come to UCLA. We are seeing the vision of Joe and Jane Greeks be reached and experience the power of God!

We are going to continue our God, Sex and Dating series in the beginning of the Spring Quarter before we launch our next outreach.

Join us as we follow up with these students and ask Jesus to reveal himself in places of hurt and shame. Please continue praying for us as we plan what our next outreach will be and pray to reach other Fraternities!