God, Sex and Dating

IMG_9815Have you ever thought that God might have the most intimate, satisfying, pleasurable, rich and fulfilling sex life than you could ever have imagined?

Did you know that God is not a prude when it comes to sex? That He loves it and designed it in a way to give us the most amount of intimacy, pleasure and commitment possible?

Well, that’s what we talked about yesterday at our God, Sex and Dating event! Christianity and sex are two things that aren’t always talked about comfortably. In fact, some people feel like if you have Greek, God and Sex in the same sentence, you just said something crazy!

We are kicking off this series to start the dialogue for 3 different things:

1. What does it mean to be Greek?
2. What does it mean to be a sexual being?
3. What does it mean to be Christian?

How do these 3 things intersect?


We opened up the space yesterday in one of the Fraternity houses, Delta Tau Delta, to allow students to hear from two different Greek Alum. They shared their journey of being fully Greek in their chapters but also trying to pursue Godliness in their dating and sex decisions. After they shared their stories, we allowed students to ask anonymous questions on whatever they had on their hearts about this topic. Though we didn’t have time to answer all questions, here’s what Greeks are wanting to know:

-If I’m in a committed relationship, why is it wrong to have sex?
-Is marriage the only way you can have ‘fulfilling’ sex?
-How far is too far?
-How do I know if I should be in continue to stay in a relationship or not?
-What do you think of testing the car before you buy it?

We had 21 Greek Students come to this event and we had a great time hearing our speaker’s responses to these questions.

Praise the Lord! Though it’s not about the numbers, how encouraging is it to be in a room of 21 Greek students who want to hear about what God has to say about sex and dating?

We’re excited about kick starting this series and for the rest of the winter quarter, we’re going to talk about the following topics:

Is God Against Sex & Pleasure?


Is There Help For Sexual Mistakes & Regrets?

Is There Healing For Sexual Hurts?

Is There Hope For Sexual Struggles?

Is Premarital Sex Right If You Care For the Person?

How Do I Find Sexual Integrity & Fulfillment

Wow. We got our work cut out for us!

Through this event, we also met a Gamma Phi Beta who wants to join our core team for Greek InterVarsity! Please keep us in your prayers as we are building this chapter for God’s Kingdom, pray that God would redeem and step into these relevant topics for Greeks and pray for spiritual breakthrough!


3 UCLA Greeks Stand to Recommit Lives

Los Angeles Greeks!

UCLA, USC, Occidental and CSUN

Praise God for the work that we’ve seen him do at Greek Conference. This past weekend, Greek Conference had a 735 Greek students attend from 65 different campuses all over the country!

Once the students arrived, they jumped right into the general session of the conference and broke out into their concentration groups til’ 1 AM. That’s how we Greeks roll!

Saturday was jam packed with concentration time for students to learn to connect with Jesus, talk about sex, dating, drinking, Fraternity/Sorority traditions, recruitment practices, new member education influences – all in all, Greeks growing in Christ talking about relevant issues and topics to Greeks

On Saturday night we had a call for students to respond to the Gospel. Here’s what happened:

53 Decided for the first time to follow Jesus!
366 Reconnected* in relationship with Jesus; committing to fully following Him!
315 Will lead* or help start a ministry in their chapter to reach their friends!
93 Seek* more information about Jesus and commit to pursuing answers back on! campus

On top of that, 3 students from UCLA made individual decisions to re-commitment to follow Jesus.

Praise the Lord! After the call to response, we did our Greek thang. From 10:00 PM – 1:00 AM Greek IV had their signature Greek Conference Dance Party!

Greek Con Dance Party

Greek Con Dance Party

Best sober dance party a Greek could experience 🙂

Check this video for conference details!


Click to watch conference highlights!

*This number is based of the representative sampling of the survey respondents on Sunday morning.  Due to airport shuttle departures, some students taking their commitment card home, and other’s not understanding what was being asked, the responses collected were substantially lower than normal requiring a pro-ratio calculation of the total impact.