Would Jesus Go Greek?

The month of November has been wonderfully spent developing my core team of students for Greek InterVarsity. As a team, we wanted to think of ways we could make an impact on the campus and spread the word about Greek InterVarsity.

We’ve been going through the Gospel of Mark and in Mark 2, we see Jesus call one of his disciples, Levi. Once Levi decides to follow Jesus, the first thing he did was throw a large banquet and invited all of the ‘sinners and tax collectors’ to come and hang out with Jesus. The Pharisees stood on the outside and grumbled against Jesus saying, “Why does he eat with sinners and tax collectors?”

Once we read this scripture, we felt that it would be important to model what Levi did. What would it look like for us to be a community that opened up our doors and invited people from the places we are most comfortable to get in front of Jesus?

From this scripture, we started brainstorming different ways we could reach the campus and here’s what it looked like:






‘Would Jesus Go Greek?’ is the question we decided to run with. We saw that Jesus was hanging out and sharing a meal with the very people many would deem as culturally unclean or disgusting. Often times, many people may feel like Christian view Greek in the same way but we want them to know that Jesus doesn’t. We want them to know the Jesus that would be sitting at the dinner table sharing life with all people.

Enter: Proxe #2 — Would Jesus Go Greek?

Every Wednesday and Thursday for the past 3 weeks, our core team has been out on campus asking students if they think Jesus would go Greek. We had a wide variety of answers and a wide variety of uninterested folk. We had many people say that Jesus would ABSOLUTELY not go Greek. Our response to this was, “Can I share with you why Jesus would go Greek and why he would be the best Fraternity Brother?”

We would tell them the story in Mark 2, share our own testimonies of how God is growing our faith in the Greek System and how they can be invited to hear about who Jesus is even within their Greek context.

The final results?

Check out the responses we got from Greek students on campus? (90% – 95% of the students who participated are Greeks)

Whether or not people become interested in Greek IV, we hope that through each conversation, we are giving Greek students the perspective the Jesus is not like a Pharisee judging from the outside but desires to step inside, be in our environments and give us a redefinition on what it means to party and be Greek.

Our prayer was that each conversation we would sow one seed or destroy one barrier that is preventing Greek students from wanting to get to know Jesus.

I met with a Sorority girl in Chi Omega. She’s a senior who participated in the Proxe. She said, “I’m not Christian but I feel like I want to know more about God.”
We met recently and she said that she’s really excited to get more involved with Greek IV and discover what it means to have a relationship with Jesus.

In response to our Proxe, we gathered 33 new contacts of Greek students that expressed some interest in hearing more about Greek IV. Pray for our follow up! Pray for more Greeks to hear about the good news of Jesus in their Greek experiences!