Expect the Unexpected

I just rolled into my apartment and I can’t help but to have so much joy in what God has been doing on campus. I held another Greek InterVarsity interest night today which was an opportunity to invite students to come and hear the vision of Greek InterVarsity, only this time it was sprite instead of root beer floats.

The interest night was held in one of the Fraternities, Delta Tau Delta. As the event got closer, several students texted me saying that they couldn’t come either because meetings were running too long or that homework was destroying them. It got to the point where I thought literally no one was going to show. I had a presentation prepared and was ready to ex the whole thing. I began getting very stressed, anxious and bummed by what was happening.

I went to go to the restroom to find a place to pray and ask God for His peace. I returned to the room to find me, Kristina and Nico hanging out in the main living room of the house with 2 large untouched pizzas and a 2 liter sprite.

Unsure of where the night would go, one of the students showed up and brought one of his Fraternity Brothers. I thought, “Oh, cool. Okay new person, this could go somewhere.”

One of my students leaders from ADPi came in the room followed by one of the pledges another student leader in DTD invited. I got the feeling that we could at least do the presentation and see what happens.

As the presentation went on, more and more DTD’s started to walk in. Some walked by but many stayed to hear about Greek IV. The funny part is only 4 of the 11 students that showed up were expected!

At the end of the presentation, I asked the students what they thought about Greek IV as I was preparing to ask them to be involved with the movement.

The first student said,

“It’s so funny that you guys were having this interest night. I grew up religious and was thinking about checking it out again. I’m taking a Christian Religious Studies course and I came home to find you guys here.”

The second student said,

“Yes, I’ve been looking for a Christian group on campus and I had no idea this existed.”

The third student said,

“It’s so funny, I remember Nico mentioned Greek IV at meeting but I didn’t follow-up or ask him about it so I thought I missed it. I had a conversation with my mom this morning about God and have been spiritually curious. I didn’t ask about the Greek IV meeting, yet somehow I found myself here.”

All of these comments were from unexpected students that were walking by and decided to stay! Praise God!!!

As each student shared, I just felt the presence of the Holy Spirit so strongly. He began to reveal the work that He has already been doing in the background and I was so humbled to see Him reveal all of this tonight. He was making it so clear that He had orchestrated divine encounters with these men even before they got to the Greek IV Interest night.

By the end of the night, 5 students expressed interest in being involved with Greek IV and one told us he was very intrigued by religious conversations and would be down to have spiritual conversations on the side.

We had been praying for 3 more students to be involved with our core team by the end of the quarter and God has faithfully began to answer that prayer!

Thank you, Lord!


Sharing the True Gospel

Week 1 at UCLA has come to completion. Students are becoming more accustomed to the campus and are finding the family and places in which they can feel at home. While week 1 for students is a matter of finding classes and getting comfortable, Week 1 for an InterVarsity staff is filled with student meetings, campus outreach and sharing as much vision as possible.

My favorite part about the beginning of a new school year is a new opportunity to share about what God has for student’s in this new season of life. Whether freshman or senior, students of all circumstances are on a desperate pursuit of identity.

This last week, we began to Proxe for our ‘Who Will You Be Campaign’. We generated hundreds of conversations with students about God and how he fits in with our identity. By asking students what they are known for, what they want to be known for and sharing the love and identity God has given us as beloved children, many students got to hear the true Gospel for the first time.

I met a student named Ryan and we had an hour-long conversation. He had told me that the only message he’s heard was a message of hate and it’s made him extremely skeptical of fully giving his life to Jesus. He’s been told that if you do not follow every single word of the bible to a ‘T’, he’s going to hell and that every person is damned to hell unless they go to church and follow the law.

I had the chance to share with him the love of Jesus Christ and the invitation he extends to all to receive his living water. I literally saw the relief in his heart by the change in expression of his face.

I had another conversation with a student who has refused to allow anyone to share the Gospel with him. He asked me many questions like, “Why this God? How do you know he’s real? Why believe?”

After sharing my story about struggling with suicide, he told me that he had the same struggles growing up. After building trust and relating to him, I asked him if I could share the Gospel with him. He said, “Normally, I always end the conversation here, but I want to hear what you have to say.”

Praise God that he was softening his heart. I shared the Four Circles Diagram (my go to Gospel Presentation) and asked him how he felt about it. He still said he was unsure and had to start thinking about things.

I ended the conversation asking him if I could pray for him. He got a little defensive and said, “What? How do you that? What do you mean pray for me?” Turns out, he’s NEVER BEEN PRAYED FOR!

I almost cried thinking about how much God desires to love on Him. I told him that I’m just going to dialogue and talk to God and thank him for you and for this conversation and ask him to bless your week. I proceeded to pray for him and thanked God that he planted a deep seed in his heart.

I had many conversations like these and it was beautiful to see the way that God desires to reach these new freshman, the lost and confused college students, the students that were hurt from lawful bent religion and expose them to the fulfilling love of Jesus.

Through Proxes, I gathered about 50 contacts for Greek students that wanted to hear more about Greek IV!

With those 50 students, I had a Greek IV interest night and invited all these students to come, get free pizzas with root beer floats and hear about the vision of Greek InterVarsity.

11 students came from 6 different Fraternities/Sororities.

A student for an Asian Fraternity, Latino Fraternity and IFC Fraternity came and told me they were all excited about being involved with Greek IV.

One student wrote on the back of his card:

“Contact me STAT. I will do what I can to open my house to either Bible studies or conversations of faith.

-We may only reach a few, but it’s a start as a growing house, we can do some big things here.”

Praise God! I am now starting to see a leadership team begin to form. Please pray as I continue to meet with more students, challenge them into mission and witness the Holy Spirit display his mighty power!