National Chapter Planting Cohort


The National Planting Cohort 2012

15 people were selected to undergo the best chapter planting training from the best InterVarsity chapter planters in the country. I was so blessed and humbled to be one of these individuals.

On top of all the training I did for ONS, I stayed in Madison for an additional 6 days for this training. The

first day of the chapter planting cohort, we were told to go to UW Madison to spy out the land for 1 hour. Spying out the land is when you all over campus to spark up conversations with students, administration and people in the local area to find out the culture of a campus and find niches in the campus community where ministry can occur.


Me and my chapter planting coach, John Mackorell

I met a student named Kevin Clancy who is the president of a suicide intervention organization on campus who was working in the one of the buildings at UW Madison. He had a horrible experience with the church growing up and was burned by experiencing, what he likes to calls, ‘church politics’. I had the opportunity to share with him that there are bad experiences that occur but when we take the message of the Gospel at it’s very core, we will see people experience true fulfillment and transformation. He said that he wanted an InterVarsity speaker to come to talk to his organization.

Later, we prayer walked the campus. We went back to the places we saw the Holy Spirit working from our spying out the land exercise and asked the Holy Spirit to make it grow. We also use prayer walks to engage in spiritual conversation when the Holy Spirit highlights a certain person.

Throughout the rest of the week, we received training in apostolic identity, discipleship exercises, working through the stages of a chapter plant and learning how to be leverage Proxes. We are also given a Chapter Planting Coach who will remotely provide training and resources to see that the plant at UCLA is a success. My coach is another Greek InterVarsity staff over at North Carolina State University–John Mackorell.

Now that I am at UCLA, I am putting all of these tools into practice. Praise God for more affirmation of my calling to go to a brand new place to plant a new chapter!


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