Orientation for New Staff 2012

ImageOrientation for New Staff 2012 is a 10 day conference designed to sow a deep seed of InterVarsity’s foundations to be an effective minister. The conference revolved heavily around prayer, deep scriptural studying, evangelism training, understanding and embracing multi-ethnical witnessing communities and networking staff all over the nation, giving them a chance to connect, share and pray for their campuses.

While we were at this conference, we had an evangelism experience where we were went out in twos in Madison where we would use the Who Will You Be Proxe to engage in spiritual conversations.

My family group at Orientation for New Staff

128 InterVarsity staff were sent out for 2 hours and here’s what we saw God do:

Initiated 400 conversations,

Shared the Gospel with 120 people,

Led 12 people to make decisions to follow Christ!

Praise the Lord!

Being at this conference has broken my heart so deeply to create MULTI-ETHNIC witnessing communities. God has given us the gift of ethnicity as a part of his creation and our own identity.

James Choung, National Director for Asian American Ministries for InterVarsity, created this awesome video to capture what we learned about with ethnicity. Check it out!


The ONS Class of 2012 — 127 new staff dispersed throughout the country to serve God’s Kingdom


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