Preparing a Banquet in Iowa

10 students made decisions to follow Christ, 6 different people from 6 different Fraternities and Sororities stood up to become a bible study leader in their house at the University of Iowa and we started a brand new Greek IV chapterat Drake University.

Here’s how the story unfolds:

This past week, Beau and I flew to Iowa to help with a Greek Ministry outreach event. While this sounds plain and simple, God took the availability of the students at the University of Iowa and of the InterVarsity staff to make something huge happen.

Beau preached at Greek InterVaristy Conference where 600+ Greek Students came to grow in fellowship and be missional with their Brothers and Sisters. University of Iowa students went to this conference and Tweeted about Beau asking him to come.

The Regional Director for InterVarsity saw this Tweet and said, “Let’s make this happen.” This one Tweet on Twitter was the catalyst for all of the events to unfold.

Greek 1:16 is the Greek Ministry group at University of Iowa. They regularly have 26 people in attendance but after making their event a University Accredited event, they had 90 GREEK STUDENTS attend this gathering. I got to share my testimony and

Beau preached on Luke 14, the Parable of the Banquet and compared McDonald’s Happy Meals to a delicious, steak dinner. He related the Happy Meal to the college experience (great at first, but doesn’t leave you filled) to a Steak dinner (Jesus’ Kingdom that leaves you filled and satisfied). I also got to share my testimony and talk about how Greek students can be fully Greek and fully Christian.

There are dozens of stories that could be told out of this, but this is probably my favorite. Of the 90 students in attendance, a whole row was filled with women from Gamma Phi Beta, none of whom had ever been before, and God moved powerfully in their house!

Praying at Phi Delta Theta to start our prayer walk

The next day, we started prayer walking around some of these different houses. We knocked on the door of Gamma Phi Beta, and of the 30 woman that live in their house of the 80 person chapter, we were warmly welcomed by a woman who had attended the night before– Welcome to your favorite sorority!” (A reference from Beau’s message) She was just about to leave for class right when we came to the door! Praise the Lord!

She proceeded to tell them how she had grown up in the church, but had been disconnected from God for a long time, and GET THIS–the night before the talk, she had pulled an all-nighter and ATE A HAPPY MEAL BY HERSELF IN HER ROOM–a picture of her broken, empty life (and the very metaphor Beau had used for his talk). She told us about her desire to reconnect with God so we prayed for her inside the Gamma Phi Beta house.

God is doing a mighty work in Iowa but it didn’t end there!

The next day, Beau and I went to the Iowa InterVarsity Staff meeting. Beau trained them on multiplicative leadership while I helped to chime in on how to do ministry with Greek Students. We had time before our flight so we decided to do a prayer walk with InterVarsity staff at Drake University.

We met up with an Alpha Phi and she showed us the SigEp house and campus. We talked to students about Greek InterVarsity and met an Alpha Phi who was a Pastor’s Daughter who had a huge interest in Greek IV!

Later, we met with 6 students who want to start Greek InterVarsity. Beau and I casted vision with them on how to reach out to the campus and be resourced by Greek IV. Right then and there, they decided to become a Greek InterVarsity chapter!

The exciting thing about this is that this is exactly what I will be doing for UCLA!

Praise the Lord for the powerful way he moved this past week!